Virginia: Oppose HB 785 and SB 588

Oppose Set of Bills to Remove Limitations on Counties Ability to Impose New Taxes on Attractions Industry!

House Bill 785 and Senate Bill 588 would remove current limitations placed on county taxing authorities and allow counties to impose new taxes with less restrictions. Under HB785 and SB588 counties would be authorized to levy meals, lodging and admissions taxes on businesses and consumers. 

Currently, Virginia places limitations and restrictions on the meals, lodging and admissions taxes that a county can impose on businesses and citizens.

These restrictions have helped protect citizens, businesses and travelers from excessively high taxes across the Commonwealth. 

Meals, lodging and admissions taxes are discriminatory in nature. Singling out restaurants, hotels and attractions as a method to generate funds to pay for general service needs will harm businesses employees and consumers. Not only will HB785 and SB588 harm Virginia’s tourism industry, they will adversely impact consumers who have to pay higher prices and employees who may lose benefits, raises or their jobs. 

These bills are gaining traction in the state house, please contact your elected officials today to oppose HB 785 and SB 588 and help protect the attractions industry!

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