Contact the U.S. Congress Today to Changes to the CARES Act!

While the previous federal stimulus packages were a good start, they aren’t enough for many of us in the attractions industry.

IAAPA and its members have an opportunity to advocate for even more relief efforts for our industry so we need you to ACT NOW to ensure the needs of the attractions are heard.

Your action is critical, please contact your elected leaders TODAY and urge them to include the following items in any technical clean-up bills as well as future bills that focus on the next round of stimulus funding:

• Expand the affiliation code exemption for 500 employees per location to NAICS 71 (The attractions industry NAICS code.)

• Changes the CARES Act definition of small business which is a business with 500 or fewer employees to include small attractions and other industry businesses that may have over 500 employees but a substantial percentage of their employees are part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees;  the current definition doesn’t accurately reflect  size for these businesses..

• Provide additional relief for businesses like parks and attractions, which may not be able to fully open once the crisis is over because their businesses, by their very nature, bring groups of people together.

• Increase funding for small businesses through the paycheck protection program.

Email the U.S. Congress