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Each one of us have our own stories on why we love the attractions industry. Whether is something as simple as a family vacation, or as deep as the positive economic impact it has on our communities. The attractions industry is a part of our lives and that’s why we are all here, to support the industry that we love.

So please, sign our petition today, as a small signal that you support the attractions industry. It is that simple. By signing the petition, we will do our part to make sure that you stay informed of and up-to-date on our government affairs activities.

Keeping track of everything as it happens is a huge challenge, but one we can tackle together. Whether we know it or not sometimes the smallest action is the one that ends up moving the needle. As we work together, it is our voices and our stories that resonate the most with elected officials.

Sign the petition, become an IAAPA Advocate and let’s work together to protect our industry for future generations. Also, please be sure to share this with your family and friends, so that they too can become part of our growing community.

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