Save Attractions Industry Jobs

Save Attractions Industry Jobs

Many seasonal jobs in the attractions industry are filled by unskilled high school and college students working their first jobs. These job opportunities often provide young people with life-long, valuable lessons that prepare them for their futures. It is important to provide as many of these opportunities as possible, which is one of the key benefits of the attractions industry. Ultimately, raising the minimum wage can reduce the labor force, diminish the quality of service, eliminate profitably, transfer ticket costs to guests, and potentially decline tourism. 

Unfortunately, a higher minimum wage would force employers to hire fewer workers and increase the cost to both attractions’ employers and their guests. Small and seasonal employers will face the most adverse impact of a wage hike because of a limited ability to increase sales and few options to mitigate the increased labor costs. An increase to the minimum wage threatens attractions industry jobs and first-time employment opportunities for many. 

For these reasons, IAAPA opposes minimum wage increases including current legislation S. 150 and H.R. 582. These bills may be well-intentioned, but they fail to accomplish intended public policy goals and harm the attractions industry’s ability to provide quality first-time employment opportunities for young people trying to buy their first car or finance their college education.

Tell Congress to oppose these bills today and preserve attraction industry jobs!

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