Yesterday, the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association unanimously passed IAAPA’s recommended policy resolution acknowledging amusement ride safety.

The Lt Gov of Louisiana gave a great speech on its importance and the Lt Gov of Pennsylvania showed up for the vote decked out in Steel Curtain accessories after visiting Kennywood last weekend.

This week, the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) passed a policy resolution titled, Resolution in Support of Amusement Ride Safety, carried by Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, recognizing amusement ride safety within the United States. The resolution passed unanimously at the NLGA’s annual meeting on July 17 held in Wilmington, Delaware. IAAPA drafted the policy resolution using IAAPA’s Guideline for Effective Amusement Ride Safety Regulation in the U.S.  The NLGA is the professional association for the elected officials first in line of succession to governors in all 50 states and five U.S. territories. The purpose of NLGA is to support the efficiency and effectiveness of the office of lieutenant governor, to foster interstate cooperation, and to generally improve the efficiency of state and territorial administration through education on issues and leadership training.