New Hampshire: Support Senate Bill 65

New Hampshire

Please contact your elected officials today to support Senate Bill 65, a Post-Labor Day school start date in the Granite State!

According to a September 2018 PolEcon economic impact study titled “The Economic, Fiscal, Labor Market, and School Calendar Impacts of Starting School After Labor Day In New Hampshire” shifting the current school calendar to a post-Labor Day school start date would result in an economic impact of up to $34 million dollars, showing that every day leading up to Labor Day that a school is in session, is economic dollars lost in tourism expenditures, family vacations, teenager paychecks, teacher paychecks and vendor and supplier revenue. 

The study also showed that teenagers lose approximately $1.3 million in wages when having to leave their jobs to return to school before Labor Day. This number does not reflect the countless additional teens that must reduce their working hours in the last week of the summer to accommodate various school start dates.  Nor does this number represent the countless teachers, guidance counselors and administration staff that also rely on seasonal summer paychecks to supplement their income.

Help support the attractions industry by urging your elected officials to SUPPORT Senate Bill 65.

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