Nevada: Oppose Senate Bill 412

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Please contact your Nevada state senator today and urge them to oppose Senate Bill 412, a bill that makes it a misdemeanor for a person who operates an amusement arcade or amusement center, which is open to the general public, to allow a person who is under the age of 18 years to operate or play any amusement device which offers some type of reward for winning other than a free play unless the person is accompanied by an adult.

In Nevada, an amusement device is defined as a device used to play a game by inserting currency or another form of payment for the chance to win a prize and which appears to require skill but for which the outcome may be predetermined.

These games are often referred to as redemption games. Redemption games are games of skill, from which the player can obtain a reward which is proportional to their score. Rewards can come in the form of non-cash prizes directly or they can come in the form of tickets that can be redeemed for prizes of varying value. They are long-established amusement games suitable for family leisure environment and are common place across the country.

The amusement industry provides clean, wholesome and safe entertainment for guests of all ages, while maintaining the highest standards in quality and service. This harmful legislation has the potential to put many amusement industry businesses in the state of Nevada out of business if this bill moves forward.

Help support the amusement industry by urging your state senator today to OPPOSE Senate Bill 412.

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