The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a new study that revealed 1.3 million Americans would lose their job if a $15 minimum wage is enacted at the federal level. Some commentators have even estimated that this projection is low and that more jobs could be lost with a federal mandated minimum wage increase. 

It is a critical time to stand up for the attractions industry and the quality employment opportunities that are currently offered. Both the House (H.R 582) and Senate (S. 150) are considering federal minimum wage legislation. Many of jobs in the attractions industry are seasonal and provide an opportunity for high school and college students with life-long, valuable lessons that prepare them for their futures. A $15 minimum wage would harm our ability to provide these jobs and could reduce the labor force, diminish the quality of service, eliminate profitably, transfer ticket costs to guests, and potentially decline tourism. 

The legislation may be well-intentioned, but the result would have a chilling effect on the opportunities and growth of our industry. Take a moment to tell Congress that they should oppose this legislation and to save the 1.3 million jobs projected to be lost, many of which could be in the attraction industry.