On Tuesday, June 11, Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards signed into law House Bill 464, a bill that amends Louisiana’s ride safety statute relating to inflatable amusement devices, amusement attractions and amusement rides.

HB464 changes current law primarily in the following ways:

  • Adds the following terms to the definitions section of the statute: “audit”, “child amusement attraction or amusement ride”, or “kiddie amusement attraction or amusement ride”, “adult attraction or ride” and “event”.
  • States that an inflatable devices, amusement attraction or amusement ride can only be lawfully operated if it has a current certificate of registration, valid registration plate, and registration decal issued by the state fire marshal.
  • Requires a third-party inspector, upon completion of each inspection to submit a certificate of inspection to the fire marshal and to the ride owner.
  • Changes the fee structure for an operator who notifies the fire marshal of his intent to commence operation nor an amusement ride, amusement attraction or inflatable device fewer than five days prior to commencing operation; and provides that fines be accessed over a rolling three-year period.

 IAAPA would like to thank the state for allowing us to provide industry expertise as the state updated its ride safety statute, helping to ensure that safety remains the top priority for the attractions industry.