On Thursday, March 21, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed into law House Bill 257, rider responsibility legislation in Bluegrass State.

Safety is the attractions industry’s number one priority.

In addition to the steps that manufacturers and facility operators take to provide their guests a safe experience, maintaining a high level of individual responsibility by following rules and verbal reminders is the single most important thing that guests can do to maximize their personal safety on rides.

Guests must take ride safety very seriously. Even though amusement rides are extremely safe and fun, breaking the rules, taking daring risks to impress friends, or trying to increase the thrill by ignoring warnings is dangerous and violates park policies.

Rider responsibility legislation helps in deterring riders from engaging in certain conduct that may increase the risk of injury to the rider, to other riders on the ride or to employees working at the location.

HB 257 codifies the rider’s duty to follow rules, heed warnings, and obey instructions. This is an important component of amusement safety regulation and one that the industry supports.

The Kentucky Attorney General issues effective dates for all bills without specific effective dates specifically listed in the legislation. This bill will likely become effective in late June 2019. IAAPA will send around an updated alert when an actual effective date has been established.