Illinois: Support House Resolution 244

Illinois House Resolution to Study the Impact of the School Start Date

Illinois House Resolution 244 , a resolution currently in the House of Representatives, urges the Illinois State Board of Education to study the impact of beginning a school term during various points throughout August as compared to a post-Labor Day school start date.

HR 244 asks that the State Board of Education submits a report to the General Assembly by December 31, 2019 that includes the following information:

  1. A summary of current school term start dates in school districts throughout Illinois;
  2. Laws in other states that govern when a school term may commence; and
  3. The effects that beginning a school term at various points in August, as compared to after Labor Day, would have on school district budgets, administrators, teachers, and students.

IAAPA urges you to contact your member of the Illinois State House of Representatives and urge them to support HR 244.

In addition to the information laid out in the resolution, IAAPA also encourages the Board of Education to look at the impact that a school start date has on the tourism industry and in return, state and local tax generation, school funding, non-instructional costs for schools, lost student and facility wages, as well as impact on workforce development, dual credit course study and technical programs of study requiring full summers for internship and externship opportunities.

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