Contact THe u.s. senate today!

Contact the U.S. Senate Today!

The U.S. Senate is currently working on what is likely to be the last major coronavirus stimulus package considered by Congress. The timing is uncertain, but deliberations are ongoing, and U.S. Senate floor action is expected sometime later this month.

Even though many of you are beginning to open for the summer months, we understand that you’ve depleted your reserves, missed the spring season, will operate throughout the summer at reduced capacity, and are therefore very much in need of financial assistance to help with your ongoing animal care expenses and to help you recover from months of being closed with no revenue.  

Please take action now, and let the U.S. Senate know that the zoological community is requesting $800 million in federal support to help cover these critical ongoing animal care costs. The aid is sought for all APHIS-licensed zoos and aquariums, regardless of whether they are structured as a nonprofit or a for-profit institution, and regardless of which trade association(s) they are accredited by.

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