California Assembly Bill 1506, sponsored by Assembly member Kevin McCarty (D-7), exempts the non-eating areas at theme parks and other similar venues from recently passed requirements in AB 827 for the placement of organic waste recycling bins.

This measure specifies that a theme park, amusement park, water park, resort or entertainment complex, zoo, attraction, or similar facility that generates 4 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste or organic waste per week is required to provide customers with a recycling bin or container only at permanent, nonmobile food service facilities with dedicated seating areas that are not full-service restaurants.

The bill would authorize theme parks to alternatively implement a process for recycling organic waste from customers that yields results comparable to or greater in volume and quality to results attained by providing an organic waste recycling bin or container. The bill also contains an urgency clause to make sure this exemption is in place before the July 1, 2020 effective date for the new requirements in AB 827.

AB 1506 passed out of Assembly Natural Resources and will next be heard on the Assembly Floor with a deadline of January 31, 2020. After that, the bill will need to be approved by the Senate and signed by the Governor.